My name is Igor. Several weeks ago I decided to start a new blog for web developers. Actually, this is my second blog, but this one will be different from the previous: it won’t be a blog only for me, it will be useful for a lot of people :) The reason is clear: I want this blog to become popular, but it will be hardly achievable goal if I write notes in which nobody is interested.

I’ve been studying web-development since 2006, and now I’m really happy to be able to earn money by doing this. Moreover during that time I’ve gained great experience in this field, therefore I think it will help me to make this blog interesting for you.

To tell the truth, I can’t now exactly tell you which subject or subjects of my posts will be leading, but at the same time I can state with assurance that I’ll do my best to provide you with the hottest and up-to-date articles on web-development!

To cut a long story short, Welcome to devsize.com!